Interesting Details

Ignore File Format

The files .jirafs_local, .jirafs_ignore and .jirafs_remote_ignore use a subset of the globbing functionality supported by git‘s gitignore file syntax. Specifically, you can have comments, blank lines, and globbing patterns of files that you would not like to upload.

For example, if you’d like to ignore files having a .diff extension, and would like to add a comment indicating why those are ignored, you could enter the following into any *_ignore file:

# Hide diffs I've generated for posting to reviewboard

Directory Structure

Each issue folder includes a hidden folder named .jirafs that stores metadata used by Jirafs for this issue. There may be many things in this folder, but two highlights include the following files/folders:

  • git: The issue folder is tracked by a git repository to enable future features, provide for a way of easily rolling-back or reviewing an issue’s previous state.
  • operation.log: This file logs all operations engaged in on this specific issue folder. You can review this log to see what jirafs has done in the past.

VIM Plugin

If you’re a vim user, I recommend you install my fork of the confluencewiki.vim plugin; if you do so, comment and description field files will use JIRA/Confluence’s WikiMarkup for syntax highlighting.